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Bridge the Gap Between West and East Since 2012

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Orient Star Media (OSM) is a full-service media agency specializes in multimedia production and strategic marketing planning.

With our resources and expertise, we aim to bridge the gap between east and west through the form of media and by embodying people-oriented collaboration, innovation and integrity in our works. It is our mandate to discover, document, connect and promote the essence of cultures and values held by both western and eastern societies.


Founded by a group of determined media professionals, OSM offers a wide-range of media services spanning from video and radio production to website and new media management.


With a stellar team of media professionals, we excel in not only multimedia production, but also strategic marketing planning and event management.


Deeply rooted in the Canadian society while embodying Chinese culture, people are the strongest assets of OSM. We take great pride in our inclusive and open-minded team that is committed to fostering transcultural exchange in today’s world.


Integrity is essential to OSM’s existence. We appreciate each member’s effort into making OSM a better place; we treat our clients and partners with absolute honesty and we celebrate all successes big or small. Our goal is to not only succeed in business, but more importantly, to build a strong community with each and every person we encounter along the way.


We are strong believers of knowledge, as constant learning is the root of the creativity that ultimately sustains our work. We respect the individual’s strengths as much as we value the power of teamwork. Together, we provide high-quality service to our clients in an active way.



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About Us
Orient Star Media (OSM) is a full-service media agency specializes in multimedia production and creative digital marketing strategies planning. Located at Canada’s West Coast, OSM headquarters in Metro Vancouver, the cosmopolitan city known as “Hollywood North.”
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