We are blessed to live in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. Every summer we organize BBQs and other activities for our staff and their friends to get together.

What’s better than having birthday party? Have it every month! Each month, we hold birthday parties for members whose birthdays fall into that month.

Yet things here at OSM get even better! Every year, we head into the Great Nature and bring our staff on to great retreats. Ski, hiking, you name it.

Apart from Canadian statutory holidays, having a good percentage of employees with Chinese background, our staff also get days off on Chinese New Year and China’s National Day so they can have a good time with families and friends on some most important holidays in their culture.


A culture bearer, we share a strong value in giving back to our communities and work with different sectors to make our society a better place.

  • Orient Star Media Scholarship

We initiated the Orient Star Media Scholarship in Global Communications at Simon Fraser University since 2016 in the hope to support more talented young students who are passionate about fostering cultural exchange.

Each year, two students from the Communication University of China and Simon Fraser University Joint Double Degree Program will be awarded this scholarship.

  • 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire fundraiser

When the McMurray wildfire hit Canada’s Alberta and Saskatchewan, OSM not only organized a fundraiser for communities affected by the fire, but also covered the story of a Vancouverite who volunteered to deliver relieves raised in Vancouver to the two provinces.

  • Richmond Hospital Foundation Community Cares Month Medis Sponsor 

Since 2016, OSM has been partnering with Richmond Hospital Foundation as media sponsor by providing video services and marketing promotions with a value of more than $20,000. It has been a great honour for us to be able to give back to our community.