OSM values the rise of new media. We curate and create contents with a strong focus on both Western and Eastern societies. Besides operating several news websites, we are also active on running various social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo, WeChat and more.


OSM produces multiple series of podcasts for several media partners throughout the year. Some of our works, include West Coast Tea Time, Teahouse and Voice of Vancouver are available to listen on both Chinese and Western audio distribution platforms such as iTunes, SoundCloud and Lizhi FM.


In order to allow more users get the freshest news and information directly from, a popular news and lifestyle website among Vancouver’s Chinese community, we developed the 52Vancouver App, which provides news alerts along with other services for mobile users.


In the meantime, we also provide livestream services for news events on video-sharing websites such as YouTube and YingKe.


To better embrace today’s digital printing world and reach out to more audience, we have acquired skills drafting, editing and designing copies for feature events in both digital and hard-copy versions. We have successfully created the picture album for the 2016 Golden Panda International Filmmakers Cultural Immersion Trip to Beijing.