2017 Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival Cultural Immersion Trip to Xi’an, China kicks off

The 2017 Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival Cultural Immersion Trip to Xi’an, China kicks off with all 11 filmmakers arriving Xi’an Xianyang International Airport on April 8.

Destination for the 2017 Cultural Immersion Trip is the imperial city of Xi’an, China – starting point of the worldly renowned Silk Road, home to UNESCO World Heritage Site Terracotta Warriors and capital city of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties.

Filmmakers visit local art gallery, which was designed following traditional Chinese architectural style.

A major highlight of the annual Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival, GPIFF Cultural Immersion Trip aims to connect global filmmakers through the week-long journey while exploring culture and identities of different parts of China.

Joined by award-winners from GPIFF ’16 and filmmakers from Canada and China, this trip will not only uncover the rich history of Xi’an but also showcase the modernization of this burgeoning urban city.

From the imposing Terracotta Warriors, magnificent City Wall and winding Forest of Stelae Museum to the bustling Muslim Quarter, exquisite Chinese paper-cutting, gliding high-speed rail and many more, filmmakers will visit various historic sites, explore local customs all while experiencing modern-day Xi’an during their stay.

Filmmakers visit the renowned World Heritage Site the Army of Terracotta Warriors.

Filmmakers will also attend the Chinese Film Industry Week held by one of China’s leading film studio – Western Movie Group and join a tour at Xi’an Qujiang Film & TV Investment Group to seek potential collaborations.

Members visit Huaqing Palace and Hot Springs, built by China’s Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty during its heyday.

“I can’t believe the amount of work that went into creating the mausoleum and the details of each warrior. It’s crazy to think that what we saw today was only 20% of everything under ground in the giant tomb… I’m so glad they have created a place historically accurate for people to enjoy and learn about China’s rich history,” Mack Stannard, Canadian media professional, said.

U.S. filmmaker Shayna Cohen at local gallery

“The Army of Terracotta Warriors is beautiful! It’s so much bigger than I had expected… Chinese history is thought of as in centuries as suppose to decades that American or North American (history) is considered. It’s huge eras,” U.S. filmmaker Shayna Cohen said.

Hong Kong filmmaker Chan Sin Hong browses ancient Chinese literatures.

“China has a long and important history. As one of the oldest civilizations there is a lot of wisdom we can gain from the past. So when the history is uncovered and put on display it is very special,” Chinese filmmaker Chan Sing Hong said.

Organized by GPIFF Committee, CCTV.COM, Orient Star Media, and Xi’an Qujiang Film & TV Investment Group, the 2017 Cultural Immersion Trip has received generous support from Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver and the city of Xi’an.

Supporting Partners:

  • China Radio International
  • Beijing Film Academy
  • chinafilm.com
  • Shaanxi Tourism Bureau
  • Western Movie Group
  • Chang’an University School of Literature, Art and Communication
  • Pacific East Media Ltd.


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