2016 GPIFF Campus Event hits Toronto Film School

Our staff from the 2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival visited Toronto Film School on Sept. 7 and organized a public screening which drew much attention from the students.

The trip to Toronto also kicks off the 2016 GPIFF Campus Events which lasts all the way through September and October. The GPIFF team will be visiting film schools across Canada and U.S. in the course of the time.

The next stop is to Art Institute of Seattle on Oct. 14.

A glance at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

Orient Star Media headed to Toronto this fall to cover the increasingly popular Toronto International Film Festival. Not only did we get the first-hand interviews with some of the most recognized filmmakers and actors including Oliver Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Feng Xiao Gang, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi and many more, we also had a chance to participate in various industry forums and conferences held by tiff.

Check out more highlights from our trip to Toronto.


OSM joins Steveston’s 2016 Canada Day Parade


It’s once again that day of the year to show off your red and white!

Joining the jolly crowd, staff and volunteers from Orient Star Media (OSM) gathered today at the 71st Steveston Salmon Festival Parade to celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday.



This year’s parade marched off at 10 a.m. from Garry Point Park and winded through the streets of Steveston, passed the Community Centre and ended at Railway Avenue. With more than 100 entries and over 3,000 participants gathered, the parade attracted visitors from around the lower mainland and across the Pacific Northwest.

During the two-hour parade, excited crowd cheered for various entries: from military colour guards, marching bands, decorated floats and vintage vehicles to sports teams, celebrities and community groups. Among them the float from OSM had successfully attracted public’s attention, especially among kids.


Dressed in adorable panda and beaver costumes, six OSM volunteers became one of the kids’ favourites during the parade. Countless little children came up to the panda bears and beavers asking for hugs and high fives. Everyone else from the OSM team  waved Canadian flags and greeted the public with bright smiles along the walk.


First time participating in the parade, company COO Jacky Wu said OSM highly values this opportunity to immerse in the community andinteract with locals.

“We’re very excited and proud to be part of the parade,” Wu said. “It’s nice to see from the perspective of a parade participant that people are truly enjoying themselves and are having such a good time.”

Sandy Jacky
OSM COO Hao Wu (L3) and Yuan You (L4), vice president at OSM and director of the 2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival Committee, posted with the pandas and beavers.

Yuan You, vice president at OSM and director of the 2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival Committee, also marched today’s parade.

“It’s so nice to see that the pandas and beavers had such a blast among the public,” she said. “Our annual Golden Panda International Short Film Festival is coming back again at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to seeing more excellent submissions from around the world.”

With a team of highly driven professionals coming from diversified cultures and backgrounds, OMS has covered various events in the city from previous years in the hope of fostering exchange between different cultures. From TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival,Richmond Sockeye Run to Vancouver Fashion Week and more, OMS strives to serve as a messenger between communities and carry out the best part of the society to a broader audience.


The history of Canada’s national day began from the enactment of the British North America Act on July 1st, 1867 when the colonies of Canada (now Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia united to form the semi-autonomous federal Dominion of Canada. July 1st has since then become Canada’s birthday and was given the name “Canada Day” in 1982 when Canada Act was passed.

Apart from parades, numerous cultural displays and fireworks will also be held throughout the day across the country to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

OSM announces launch of the 2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival


After months of preparation, the 4th Golden Panda International Short Film Festival (GPIFF) has officially raised its curtain with the first round of call for submissions introduced to filmmakers worldwide starting Aug. 9.

Organized by GPIFF Committee, China Network Television and Orient Star Media, Golden Panda International Short Film Festival’s core mission is to become a North America-based, internationally-minded festival that serves as a springboard to the careers of young filmmaking talents around the world.

This year’s festival has invited accomplished film professionals and well-respected scholars across North America, Asia and Europe to form an international jury of seven aiming to select the best works among all submissions.

Zhang Huijun, president of Beijing Film Academy (BFA), will be serving as President of the Jury during this year’s festival. As the only film academy in China and the largest in the whole of Asia, BFA not only has an array of alumni among whom many are worldly recognized directors and actors, it is also a cradle that cultivates emerging young Chinese film talents. With Zhang appointed President of the Jury, GPIFF strives to develop dialogues focusing on supporting aspiring young filmmakers and film screenwriting.

Members of the 2016 GPIFF Jury include Jiang Ping, vice chairman and general manager of China’s leading film enterprise – China Film Co.; Ivor Benjamin, chair of Directors Guild of Great Britain; Ellen Seiter, professor at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts; Christopher Lane, director and program coordinator at Toronto Film School; Sabrina Baracetti, president of Far East Film Festival and Robert Lundberg, COO of China Lion Film Distribution.

While having the international jury holding course for this year’s film selection, GPIFF Committee has brought film organizations and companies from China, U.S. and U.K. to join force as International Advisory Organizations, which will be advising on better bridging the gap between global film industries, especially between North America and China. With these supports, this year’s festival strives to build up a platform where aspiring young filmmakers can showcase their visions and talents.

With one of the fastest-growing film industries as a setting, China Film Co. has made itself a significant component of the International Advisory Committee.

A subsidiary of China’s most influential film enterprise and largest film distributor China Film Group Corporation, China Film is one of the only two film companies in China that are entitled the right to import and distribute foreign films. There is no relationship more important to the world’s film companies than its ties with China Film should they be interested in expanding into the Chinese market, which is currently world’s second largest box office. In August 2016, China Film held the largest public offering in the history of China’s entertainment industry and became the first film enterprise in the country that is involved in all fields of China’s film industry.

GPIFF aims to create a platform where film professionals can network and seek collaboration opportunities. In addition, GPIFF also strives to build a hub where emerging young filmmakers can showcase their talents and visions.

Meanwhile, this year’s festival has also formed the International Advisory Committee with La Peikang, chairman of China Film Group as Honorary Adviser and Jiang Ping, vice-chairman and general manager of China Film Co. as Chief Adviser joined by other accomplished advisers from China, U.S., Canada, U.K. and Japan.

A special gift for award-winners, GPIFF Committee will invite representatives from each award-winning film production team to join the one-week-long Golden Panda International Filmmakers Cultural Immersion Trip to China in early 2017. All expenses will be covered by the festival committee.

GPIFF looks forward to working closely with global filmmakers to continue enhancing collaborations and interactions between western and eastern film industries.

Festival Schedule:
Film Submission: Aug. 9 – Oct. 9, 2016
Public Screening: Sept. 1 – Nov. 1, 2016
Campus Events: Sept. 1 – Nov. 1, 2016
Jury Selection: Oct. 10 – Nov. 10, 2016
Golden Panda Film Industry Forum: Dec. 1, 2016
Red Carpet, Private Cocktail Party and Awards Ceremony: Dec. 2, 201
Golden Panda International Filmmakers Cultural Immersion Trip: March, 2017

Best Picture
Best Humanistic Vision
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Special Jury Award

2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival Committee
China Network Television
Orient Star Media Inc.

Orient Star Media Inc.

Partner Organizations:
CHMB AM 1320
Beijing Film Academy
Communication University of China
Toronto Film School
University of British Columbia, Department of Film and Theatre
Art Institute of Vancouver
Art Institute of Seattle
China Lion Film Distribution
Pacific East Media
Beijing Youth Film Studio
China Daily (USA)
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Guangdong Tourism Cooperation and Promotion Centre Canada
New Silk Road Fashion Group

Website and Social Media:
Official website: www.gpiff.com
Facebook: Golden Panda International Short Film Festival
Sina Weibo: @金熊猫国际微电影节


The 16 members of the “Golden Panda” North American Filmmaker Cultural Immersion Trip to Guangdong had a very memorable week in the Southern province of China. They experienced the local history and culture, observed the modernization and developments, and communicated with young filmmakers in China.


2015 New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour held

Nearly 1,000 people, many from the world of fashion and media, attended the finale of the 2015 “New Cover” New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour show on Feb 17 at Canada’s River Rock Theatre.

The audience was treated to a night of artistic performances that showcased traditional Chinese culture, as well as the 15 finalists who walked across the stage in local designers’ day wear collections, swimsuits inspired by traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain art and evening gowns.

The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Michelle Gieschen as the “New Cover” model of 2015.

The event seeks to discover new models in North America, and to promote the integration of Chinese and Western fashion. It brings together young people who are passionate about a career in modeling, regardless of ethnicity and race… The contest has contributed greatly to connecting people and ideas from two sides of the globe. Just as the ancient Silk Road first brought contact between China and the West, the 2015 “New Cover” contest acts as the “new” Silk Road through which modern Chinese culture is introduced to Western countries.

The competition began on November 1, 2014, when more than 200 women registered for the ‘New Cover’ New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour contest.

After interviews and online voting, the 15 finalists were chosen. In the past two months they went through training sessions to prepare them to compete for the finale’s six awards: the 2015 “New Cover” top three, the “Best Photogenic Model”, the “Best Catwalk” and the “Most Popular Model Online”.

Fashion Glamour Night opened with a modern ballet performance by the finalists. Dressed in red ballerina dresses, they brought about a festive feeling to the night and drew cheers from the audience at the theater in Richmond, Canada.

Local artists also performed. Dancers from the Cindy Yang Dance Academy showcased the beauty of traditional Chinese culture with the dance Royal Data, and a performance by the Simpson Brothers Band brought vibrancy to the ceremony.

In addition to Gieschen being selected the winner, Emily Beth and Jacqueline Liu were first and second runners-up respectively. Rachel Lee Mandi, Kara Zhang, and Jacqueline Liu won the “Best Photogenic Model”, “Best Catwalk” and “Most Popular Model Online” awards respectively.

By winning the 2015 “New Cover” competition, Gieschen automatically qualified for the final of the 2015 New Silk Road Model Contest to be held in China later this year. She is also becoming the first ambassador for CNTVNA.COM’s Fashion Channel, as well as being featured in a series of fashion photo shoots and special video projects.

Since the Fashion Glamour Night also coincided with Chinese New Year’s Eve, organizers introduced the CCTV Spring Festival Gala – also known as the “spiritual family reunion dinner” in China – to the guests, and invited everyone to see this most-watched annual audio-visual feast.

The 2015 “New Cover” New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour was organized by CNTV, New Silk Road Modeling Agency, CNTVNA.COM, Orient Star Media Inc. and was presented by J Li. Models. CHMB AM1320, China Daily USA, Sing Tao Media Group, G&E Studio Vancouver Inc, and Live China were co-organizers of this year’s event.