Guide to 2018 Spring Festival celebrations in Guangzhou

From Feb. 13th (28th of the 12th lunar month) to Mar. 2nd (15th of the 1st lunar month), a whole host of Spring Festival celebrations will be going on around the city, including flower markets, light shows, lantern shows, garden expos and a temple fair. We have picked out some of the best of the celebrations for you to enjoy a fun and flower-packed Chinese New Year in Guangzhou!


Traditional flower markets

Flower market [Photo by He Yineng]

Traditional flower markets will be set up across 11 districts in Guangzhou, featuring stalls selling flowers and plants to decorate your home, holding social welfare activities and even including special themed post offices for sending Chinese New Year greetings to friends and family far away. On the first day of the flower fairs, Spring Festival couplets and the character 福 (pronounced fú and meaning ‘blessing’) written by calligraphers will be given away for free.

Time: Feb. 13th – 16th, 2018

No admission fees.


● Yuexiu District Flower Market

Add.: Xihu Road (西湖路) & Jiaoyu Road (教育路)

Nearby metro station: Gongyuanqian (公园前), Line 1 or 2

Highlight: It is one of the longest established flower markets in Guangzhou, hailed as the city’s ‘century-old flower market’.



● Haizhu District Flower Market

Add.: Baogang Avenue (宝岗大道) & Binjiang Road (滨江路)

Nearby metro station: Baogang Dadao (宝岗大道), Line 8

Highlight: Due to its location, you can enjoy a view of the Pearl River skyline while wandering around the market.


● Liwan District Flower Market

Add.: Liwan Road (荔湾路)

Nearby metro station: Chen Clan Academy (陈家祠), Line 1

Highlight: It is one of the oldest flower markets in the city and has the most stalls overall.

[Photo by Chen Chang]

● Tianhe District Flower Market

Add.: Tianhe Sports Center, No. 299 Tianhe Road (天河路299号天河体育中心)

Nearby metro station: Tianhe Sports Center (体育中心), Line 1

Highlight: A 15-day carnival, with handicraft demonstrations, stage performances, flower exhibitions, a garden party and more.

Attention Please: Due to Guangzhou Evergrande’s match in 2018 AFC Champions League to be held at the Tianhe Sports Center on Feb. 14th, the flower market will be closed on that day.


[Photo by Huang Chengwei]

● Baiyun District Flower Market

Add.: In front of Wanda Plaza, No. 501 Yuncheng East Road (云城东路501号白云万达广场门前)

Nearby metro station: Feixiang Park (飞翔公园), Line 2

Highlight: This year is set to feature a special light show, adding to the excitement and atmosphere at this flower market.


● Huangpu District Flower Market

Add.: Huangpu District Sports Center (黄埔区体育中心)

Nearby metro station: Dashadong (大沙东), Line 5

Highlight: Huangpu is famous for the plum blossom of Luogang Xiangxue Park. As the blossom is still in season, you can enjoy both the festive flower market and the snow-like plum blossom too.


People vist flower market. [Photo by Chen Chang]

● Huadu District Flower Market

Add.: Guangzhou Flower City, Furong Avenue Middle (芙蓉大道中广州花卉之都)

Highlight: A total of more than 200 stalls will present potted flowers, bonsai, fresh flowers, potted orange trees and so on. There will also be lounge, offering free hot tea.


● Panyu District Flower Market

Add.: Guangchang East and West Roads of Shiqiao Street, Xingsheng Street (市桥街广场东路、广场西路、盛兴大街)

Nearby metro station: Panyu Square (番禺广场), Line 3

Highlight: In addition to flowers and plants, you can also buy handicrafts, calligraphy and paintings, Spring Festival couplets, Lingnan dried fruits, and other seasonal specialties.


● Nansha District Flower Market

Add.: Shinan Avenue (市南大道)

Highlight: Nansha is quickly becoming the PRD’s tech hub, so it is no surprise that Free WIFI will be available at the flower market, so you can easily update your Moments on WeChat, use e-payment and win coupons via lucky draw online.


People vist flower market. [Photo by Chen Chang]

● Conghua District Flower Market

Add.: Fengyunling Pingdi Park (风云岭坪地公园)

Highlight: Several areas will be set up, including potted orange tree area, flower area, bonsai area, aquarium area, and Spring Festival shopping area.


● Zengcheng District Flower Market

Add.: Citizen Square of Zengcheng Plaza (增城广场北面市民广场)

Highlight: About 150 stalls will be set up to sell floricultural products, such as potted flowers, bonsai, fresh flowers and potted orange trees.


[Photo provided to]

● 2018 Haixinsha Fashion Flower Market

Time: Feb. 13th – Mar. 2nd, 2018

Add.: Haixinsha Asian Games Theme Park (海心沙亚运公园)

Nearby metro station: Zhujiang New Town (珠江新城), Line 3 or 5

Highlight: At this flower market petals can be seen everywhere, on the floor, ceiling, display boards, etc. The park will be divided into five sections, along the themes of science, leisure, tea art, floral art and books.



● Litchi Bay Floating Flower Market

Time: Feb. 10th – 15th, 2018

Add.: Litchi Bay & Liwan Lake Park (荔枝湾、荔湾湖公园)

Nearby metro station: Zhongshanba (中山八), Line 5 or Ruyifang (如意坊), Line 6

Highlight: Set in unique Lingnan gardens, and the heart of Lingnan culture, Litchi Bay is going to present a special floating flower fair. After the exciting opening ceremony, the floating flower market will host Piaose performances, a cultural heritage exhibition, Cantonese Opera performances and more.


2018 Spring Festival Parade

Time: Feb. 17th – 19th, 2018

Admission: Free

Add.: Tianhe Sports Center, No. 299 Tianhe Road (天河路299号天河体育中心)

Nearby metro station: Tianhe Sports Center (体育中心), Line 1


[Photo by Yang Yi]

Highlight: The parade will be held around the Tianhe Sports Center, with floats demonstrating the unique charm and traditions of Lingnan and Cantonese cultures.

Huacheng Square Light Concert

Time: Every night, Feb. 13th – Mar. 2nd, 2018

Admission: Free

Add.: Huacheng Square & Haixinsha (花城广场、海心沙)

Nearby metro station: Zhujiang New Town (珠江新城), Line 3 or 5


[Photo provided to]

Highlight: At the South Square, there will be fortune trees, flower terraces in intricate designs, trees decorated with illuminations and peach blossom themed post office. Live concerts will be staged in the square with the magnificent night view of CBD Guangzhou as the backdrop.

2018 Guangzhou Yuexiu Lantern Show

Time: Feb. 8th – Mar. 11th, 2018

Admission: Ticket needed for the show

Add.: Yuexiu Park, No. 960 Jiefang North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Nearby metro station: Yuexiu Park (越秀公园), Line 2


[Photo provided to]

Highlight: As one of the most important events in the Spring Festival calendar in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Lantern Show is more than a light show. There will also be song and dance performances, a calligraphy and painting exhibition, photography exhibition, a festive lantern themed post office, lantern riddles, and much more.


The 24th Guangzhou Garden Expo

Time: Feb. 13th – Mar. 2nd, 2018

Admission: Free

Add.: Haixinsha Island, Ersha Island Art Park, & Dafu Mountain Forest Park in Panyu (海心沙、二沙岛艺术公园、番禺大夫山森林公园分会场)

Nearby metro station: To Haixinsha, Zhujiang New Town Station (珠江新城), Line 3 or 5; to Dafu Mountain Forest Park, Shiqiao Station (市桥), Line 3, then transfer to Panyu Bus No. 9 or 16.


The 23rd Guangzhou Garden Expo [Photo provided to]

Highlight: Guangzhou Garden Expo is another of the most important events in the Spring Festival calendar in Guangzhou and has been held for 23 years. This year’s expo covers an area of 360,000 square meters, consisting of 61 gardens, 19 sets of public landscapes, and indoor exhibition halls.

2018 Yuntai Garden Floral Art Exhibition

Time: Feb. 9th – Mar. 20th, 2018

Admission: RMB 5 per ticket for Baiyun Mountain, RMB 10 per ticket for Yuntai Garden

Add.: Yuntai Garden & Mingzhu Tower Scenic Spot, Baiyun Mountain (白云山明珠楼游览区及云台花园)


Yuntai Garden [Photo by He Zi’an]

Highlight: In addition to the various flowers at Yuntai Garden, a total of 12 special mosaicultures of Lingnan characteristics and 3 lantern installations will be set up, making the garden a unique place for residents and tourists alike to admire the beauty of flowers.


Yuexiu Temple Fair

Time: Mar. 2nd – 8th, 2018

Admission: Free

Add.: Zhongshan Road & Beijing Road (中山路、北京路)

Nearby metro station: Peasant Movement Institute (农讲所), Line 1; or Gongyuanqian (公元前), Line 1 or 2


The parade of the 2017 Yuexiu Temple Fair [Photo/Xinhua]

Highlight: A series of activities for the temple fair will kick off on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar year which is also the Lantern Festival. Some of the highlights of the fair are the folklore and cultural performances, a parade, a cultural heritage exhibition, handicrafts and food stalls.


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