OSM announces launch of the 2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival


After months of preparation, the 4th Golden Panda International Short Film Festival (GPIFF) has officially raised its curtain with the first round of call for submissions introduced to filmmakers worldwide starting Aug. 9.

Organized by GPIFF Committee, China Network Television and Orient Star Media, Golden Panda International Short Film Festival’s core mission is to become a North America-based, internationally-minded festival that serves as a springboard to the careers of young filmmaking talents around the world.

This year’s festival has invited accomplished film professionals and well-respected scholars across North America, Asia and Europe to form an international jury of seven aiming to select the best works among all submissions.

Zhang Huijun, president of Beijing Film Academy (BFA), will be serving as President of the Jury during this year’s festival. As the only film academy in China and the largest in the whole of Asia, BFA not only has an array of alumni among whom many are worldly recognized directors and actors, it is also a cradle that cultivates emerging young Chinese film talents. With Zhang appointed President of the Jury, GPIFF strives to develop dialogues focusing on supporting aspiring young filmmakers and film screenwriting.

Members of the 2016 GPIFF Jury include Jiang Ping, vice chairman and general manager of China’s leading film enterprise – China Film Co.; Ivor Benjamin, chair of Directors Guild of Great Britain; Ellen Seiter, professor at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts; Christopher Lane, director and program coordinator at Toronto Film School; Sabrina Baracetti, president of Far East Film Festival and Robert Lundberg, COO of China Lion Film Distribution.

While having the international jury holding course for this year’s film selection, GPIFF Committee has brought film organizations and companies from China, U.S. and U.K. to join force as International Advisory Organizations, which will be advising on better bridging the gap between global film industries, especially between North America and China. With these supports, this year’s festival strives to build up a platform where aspiring young filmmakers can showcase their visions and talents.

With one of the fastest-growing film industries as a setting, China Film Co. has made itself a significant component of the International Advisory Committee.

A subsidiary of China’s most influential film enterprise and largest film distributor China Film Group Corporation, China Film is one of the only two film companies in China that are entitled the right to import and distribute foreign films. There is no relationship more important to the world’s film companies than its ties with China Film should they be interested in expanding into the Chinese market, which is currently world’s second largest box office. In August 2016, China Film held the largest public offering in the history of China’s entertainment industry and became the first film enterprise in the country that is involved in all fields of China’s film industry.

GPIFF aims to create a platform where film professionals can network and seek collaboration opportunities. In addition, GPIFF also strives to build a hub where emerging young filmmakers can showcase their talents and visions.

Meanwhile, this year’s festival has also formed the International Advisory Committee with La Peikang, chairman of China Film Group as Honorary Adviser and Jiang Ping, vice-chairman and general manager of China Film Co. as Chief Adviser joined by other accomplished advisers from China, U.S., Canada, U.K. and Japan.

A special gift for award-winners, GPIFF Committee will invite representatives from each award-winning film production team to join the one-week-long Golden Panda International Filmmakers Cultural Immersion Trip to China in early 2017. All expenses will be covered by the festival committee.

GPIFF looks forward to working closely with global filmmakers to continue enhancing collaborations and interactions between western and eastern film industries.

Festival Schedule:
Film Submission: Aug. 9 – Oct. 9, 2016
Public Screening: Sept. 1 – Nov. 1, 2016
Campus Events: Sept. 1 – Nov. 1, 2016
Jury Selection: Oct. 10 – Nov. 10, 2016
Golden Panda Film Industry Forum: Dec. 1, 2016
Red Carpet, Private Cocktail Party and Awards Ceremony: Dec. 2, 201
Golden Panda International Filmmakers Cultural Immersion Trip: March, 2017

Best Picture
Best Humanistic Vision
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Special Jury Award

2016 Golden Panda International Short Film Festival Committee
China Network Television
Orient Star Media Inc.

Orient Star Media Inc.

Partner Organizations:
CHMB AM 1320
Beijing Film Academy
Communication University of China
Toronto Film School
University of British Columbia, Department of Film and Theatre
Art Institute of Vancouver
Art Institute of Seattle
China Lion Film Distribution
Pacific East Media
Beijing Youth Film Studio
China Daily (USA)
Singtao Media (USA)
H + Technology
Guangdong Tourism Cooperation and Promotion Centre Canada
New Silk Road Fashion Group

Website and Social Media:
Official website: www.gpiff.com
Facebook: Golden Panda International Short Film Festival
Sina Weibo: @金熊猫国际微电影节


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